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The Satsang Seva Mission welcomes contributions in a manner suitable to each person’s circumstances and interests.

We believe every individual is capable and deserving of Seva. We all have the ability to contribute in our own unique ways.

Come join us.

Payment Instructions

Important: Kindly select the option, Satsang Seva Mission in the form on the Satsang Donation Page. If you are donating for Seva in a specific city, kindly mention the City Name in the NOTES field while making payment on the ccAvenue payment gateway.

Send us an email to with PAN details.

The Foundation is 80G exempted


Reiterating that service to human beings is ‘the most important worship that a human being can do’, Sri M emphasises that ‘let us not think that we cannot do much – let us say, ‘let us do something,’ and that ‘something’ should start in here, in the heart.’

Sri M encourages each person to contribute in a manner suitable to each person’s circumstances and needs, he says, ‘As long as we live in this world, this is what I would like to share with you – do good, in whatever way possible, to whoever is close to you. You need not go far and do it.’

Send us an email to with your intent to serve.

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